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  Re-Thinking Home Décor – Color Trends for 2009

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Long before election fatigue, long before change was voted in on Election Day, Pantone color trend expert, Leatrice Eiseman, was making her color predictions for 2009 at the 2008 International Homes and Housewares Show at McCormick Place in Chicago.

With miles of products being offered by manufacturers and distributors, it was easy to spot the trend – we’re going green.

As we reinvent ourselves, our homes change and grow with these shifts. Eiseman predicts this year will be all about revisiting old, comfortable favorites while refreshing our outlook: 

  • Recycle

  • Reuse

  • Repurpose

  • Renew

  • Refurbish

  • Rewind

  • Relax

Not only are these themes environmentally friendly, they also tie-in to the economic challenges the cropped up the end of 2008 – and that’s the need to cutback, but make sure our homes are places to invite friends over and supply a safe haven for us and our families.

“Color is all about reinvention . . . consumers will continue to be more thoughtful than ever about what they are buying and the impact their choices will make on the world around them,” Eiseman said.

Click here to view a video showing the
2009 colors to watch.

Over the next year, we can expect to see the following eight color trends offered in bedroom linens, furniture, kitchenware, floor coverings, paints, housewares, gardens, runways and much more:

Breathe Easy Color Palette

  • Cool tones reflecting the blue-green found in a soothing body of water

  • Includes the colors of Provence – deep yellows and vibrant blues

  • Touches of vegetal yellow-greens and blues lending way to purples

Solar Energy Color Palette

  • Look towards the sky or the plethora of oranges in the marketplace that reflect this color palette

  • Golds, flame orange, lime yellows are accented with fuchsia-red, electric blue and purples

  • A sooty, ashy grey is the neutral that anchors these colorful mixes

Animate Color Palette

  • More colorful brights are found in this collection, which takes its inspiration from the mainstreaming of anime and other Japanese characters

  • Whimsical, the colors in this palette would be considered clashes in traditional match-ups

  • Look for pastel backgrounds of light apricot and soft greens contrasted with cheery, lipstick reds, candy-colored blues, chartreuse, mint and berries

While the bright-colored palettes appeal the young and young at heart, there are other palettes coming in 2008 that tie-into the need for comfort and feathering our nest:


Discerning Tastes

  • This is modern style meets traditional tastes.

  • The colors in this palette reflect how the surfaces of classic and eclectic interiors can come together successfully with crystal, antique whites, caviar black, mahogany, champagne beige and metallic silver and golds

  • Punches of color play-up these neutrals

Wanderings Color Palette

  • Our travels lead us to exotic locations that we want to use at home to recreate the often spa-like environs we experienced abroad

  • One of the easiest palettes and styles to create on a budget with a visit to a local import store

  • Dusky roses, mustard yellows, taupes, mineral blues, Verdi-gris, grays, golds and scarlet reds richly reflect ancient tapestries and artifacts

Wine Country Color Palette

  • This palette has been one of the easiest to spot this last fall and winter as plums and wines became the hot fashion choices

  • Reflecting a pastoral connection to Mother Earth, the colors in this palette include sky blues, the misty grays of lavender fields, earthy taupes and olives, wines and a touch of green found in grapevines

Honesty Color Palette

  • More chic than shabby, this color palette is perfect for the flea market shopper looking for a good bargain and optimal find

  • Unbleached whites, tender greens, corals, tans and gray are punched up with a velvet-rose – all in an ode to creating treasure from trash

Reveries Color Palette

  • Think art deco when looking for color inspiration

  • Dusty mauves and roses are matched with lilac, iris blue, vibrant purple and accented with rich, reddish browns

The projected 2009 trends signal a need for classical comfort, colorful fun and juxtaposed whimsy.  Surfaces will be soft, warm, reflective and renewable – for us and the environment we call home.


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