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Gardener Tips:

Know what zone you’re in and purchase plants and seeds that will work for your area. Gardening catalogs are a great research tool and are often full of in-depth details about a plant or seed’s growing needs.  Zone maps are often included in their catalogs and on their websites.

Mail order companies ship plants, seeds and bulbs when it’s time for you to plant them in your zone.  It’s crucial to have your garden ready for them.

Create a notebook to maintain a record of your purchases.  This will help if you have any order questions, need to seek a refund or exchange and allows you to keep track of what plants did and didn’t work in your garden.

The Mailorder Gardening Association is the only nonprofit organization serving the needs of companies involved in marketing gardening products to consumers. Their website offers consumers a wonderfully detailed guide to purchasing plants through the mail. 

For more information,
visit the Mailorder
Gardening Association
online at:




Our times of being an armchair gardener are probably the best ones we have when it comes to gardening.

Sure, the thrill of fresh turned topsoil in the spring is hard to beat – but the steps we take to get there while curled up with a hot drink, a pile of gardening catalogs and a notepad are what makes my green thumb tingle.

It’s a time of dreams, wishes, needs and wants all wrapped into a sense of optimism that warmer weather, beautiful blooms and tasty meals are on their way.

To help you get comfy on your armchair garden tour,
check out these sites:
This is "and she cooks, too" after all, so it’d make sense we’d start with what we think is the best business for all of those ‘cooks who garden’ or ‘gardeners who cook.’ Cooks Garden specializes in offering some of the best vegetable and fruit selections every foodie can’t wait to try. Their catalogs and product descriptions focus on the end result – what you can make with them. Plus, they have a wonderful selection of books and equipment along with a great selection of herbs and flowers. Visit their site to sign-up for their email newsletter and to request a copy of their catalog. Truly inspiring!
For perennials, bulbs, shrubs, ornamental grasses, vines and roses – you cannot beat the selection at Wayside Gardens. Their catalogs are like being part of a horticulture class that teaches the latest and greatest for each new spring season. Each selection comes with a full-color photo, detailed description and history and the plant’s Latin/scientific name. A must-read for learning about what is available in the market and what trends are happening in the world of perennials.
This is the site for Orion Industries, who in their words, provide "plant identification products for the serious gardener." Maybe it’s a passion for labeling things, but we’d have to agree that their selection is the best there is – from custom engraved stainless steel to a wide assortment of metal, terra cotta, plastic and wood markers await those gardeners who want to remember what’s where!
Love, love, love ‘antique flowers’ – and Select Seeds is the place to get them. They offer gardeners a fabulous selection of hard-to-find heirlooms through flower seeds and plants, specializing in old-fashioned fragrant flowers, flowering vines, and rare annuals and perennials. Give your flowerbeds and pots a vintage look!
True inspiration! This site is authored by Yvonne Cunnington, who wrote Clueless in the Garden, but clueless is last thing you’ll be after taking a tour of this wonderful, chock-ful-o-info site. The photos of her own flower gardens make me want to whip out the grid paper, color pencils and catalogs and start planning – something you’ll be able to do after reading all of her wonderful tips on how to plan your site.
Cyndi Johnson has been compiling and maintaining this must-visit gardening website for more than five years – her site description says it best, "The home gardener's one stop to find all the mail-order gardening catalogs in the US and Canada - over 2000 of them! Check here first to find the company and see its ratings for quality, service, price and breadth of varieties." A great first stop in your armchair gardening travels.
Named the "internet’s garden community," GardenWeb offers a place for gardeners to get together on the web with forums, plant databases and glossaries, mail order links, exchanges, gardening events and many expert tips.
Affordable, portable and so darned cute you’ll want more than one and at least one for all of your gardening friends. Always wanted a greenhouse and thought the time, money and construction would prevent it from happening? Well, look no further – these little collapsible – yet durable - dreams popup like one of those sunshades you put in your window during the summer.

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