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  Creative Container Gardening

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Tips and Ideas from Ella Maxwell, of D.A. Hoerr Nursery

Container gardening puts your plants on stage and creates a ‘go-anywhere’ garden. They can also highlight a certain area of your home or flowerbeds while providing a focal point that defines the space it’s blooming.

There are a variety of containers available in the marketplace including the traditional terra cotta, the newer foam products that provide a traditional terra cotta look without the weight or care problems and of course, a variety of wood, metal and plastic pots. Look for ways to incorporate items not typically used as planters as a way to increase visual interest – and old bucket, chair, wheelbarrow, etc.

When choosing plant material, look for ‘spillers, thrillers and fillers’ – these three will help you visualize your planting and create a full look. Don’t forget: seasonal annuals (especially those that like cool weather – you can extend your planting season), perennials, hot weather annuals, bulbs, bog plants and grasses.

Using containers in your garden spaces allows for you to guide the viewer’s eye and their traffic through your garden. You can frame in an area, signal a change in flowerbed design or define a border.

Like planning room décor, container gardening has similar design considerations such as color, form, scale, texture and accent.

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