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  Decorating with Ribbon

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Wired-edged ribbon is the easiest for making bows - it can be crushed and twisted around - and still be reshaped into a beautiful bow.

Do you like to have a front door that welcomes guests each season or holiday? Purchase one inexpensive grapevine wreath and new wired-edged ribbon each season (3 yards will do) and tie on a different bow to go with the falling leaves or spring flowers.

The history of ribbon dates back to the early history of France when they were first made for nobility and a highly prized commodity for their intricate beauty and used for adornment on clothing and eventually in hairstyles. As a hand-loomed item they were labor intensive and expensive.

Of course today, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, ribbons are manufactured by machine with the first factory in the United States opening in the early 1800ís. The everyday uses of ribbon has grown in many respects and we now enjoy a wide variety of sizes, colors, patters, textures and edges.


Bright colors, light pastels, sheer colors, gorgeous weaves and fancy edges - the variety of ribbons available are limitless - just as are the number of ways you can use them to decorate your home.

Grosgrain, satin, silk, organdy, velvet, prints and a rainbow of colors will allow you to customize your decor and add touches of color.

Here are a few quick ribbon fixes:

Centerpieces, mantles, wreaths and garland - ribbon is not just for bows. Use it to intertwine among your floral decorations.

Doorknobs - during the holidays, adding ribbon and either an ornament of a spring of flowers can spruce up every door at home.

Ornaments - breakaway from the typical ornament hook and use a pretty wired-edged ribbon to tie your ornaments onto the tree.

Curtain tiebacks - whether you're updating for the season, want to spruce older drapes or curtains or have a vintage pair missing tiebacks - ribbon can customize your look.

Napkin rings - one of the easiest ways to dress-up your table for a special event and save dollars. Tuck in special notes, flowers and other personal touches.

Ribbon flowers - making ribbon flowers is any easy accessory for you and your home.

Pillows - wrapping your pillows like you would a gift box makes for a quick update and a custom look. Plus, it's easy to change if you want something different.  Taking lengths of ribbon onto the corners of two napkins can make a simple slip cover for a pillow - simply place one on each side of the pillow and tie at each corner.

Chairs - sometimes it's nice to dress up the dining room chairs in our home for everyday use or for special events. Look for wide, pretty ribbon that can be tied on the top of the back into a big bow that can be left plain or dressed-up by adding in floral picks. You can also replace the ties on your chair pads with decorative ribbons for a new look or to make repairs.

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