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  Decorating with Floral Picks

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For a good selection
of silk flowers, including floral picks and bushes,

Floral picks are abundantly available for the holiday season offering a variety of looks at often inexpensive prices (especially if you look for pre-season sales). From holly berries and pinecones to frosted leaves and wrapped candies, you’ll find there are several choices and sizes to meet your needs.

They are a great way to add special touches around the home, economically decorate your table and a special touch to gift wrappings.

Here are some ideas . . .

Christmas tree – what could be easier than decorating your tree without using ornament hooks? Floral picks can give your tree a custom, designer look in seconds – and coordinate with your holiday decorating theme. They are also great at providing a unifying effect with other elements of your décor – whether you’re trying to match elements the are already in the room or if you’re wanting to tie in other design elements with a tree full of sentimental, but not coordinated, ornaments.

Table décor – other simple uses for floral picks are to use them when setting the table for your next holiday meal. They can be used as napkin rings when combined with pretty wired ribbon and with the addition of a little card they can be used a place cards or used to identify items on a buffet. Plus, don’t forget your chairs. These picks can be very easily added to the back of chairs for a whimsical look.

Gift-wrapping – need that gift to look extra special? Then don’t forget to add a sprig of holly to the bow – whether it’s on a box or being used to wrap a basket. These accents also look great peaking out of a stocking and they add a sophisticated touch. See our ‘Celebrations’ page for more great gift giving and wrapping ideas . . .

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