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  Selecting a Color Scheme for
Your Holiday Décor

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Need some color ideas to get you started?
Try these:

hot color now: sage green combined with neutrals for a more formal look or reds for a fun look

classic red and green

candy colors of red and white or pastel sugar plum candies

metallic colors alone or in combo with one or two other colors

have a blue x-mas

winter white or ivory

neutrals: tan, black, etc.

It's something we do for all of the rooms in our house and it's even easier to do for your holiday decorations - and that's choosing a color scheme to build upon year after year.

Having a color scheme for your holiday decorations is the simplest way to coordinate with your year-round decor, tie together decorations that have sentimental value and to expand your decorations each year. Plus, you'll have added versatility each holiday season because of the way your pieces coordinate. And by repeating the colors throughout your home, you'll make a great decorating statement.

What colors to pick? Look to the
following for ideas:

  • Items you may already collect
  • Holiday decorations that hold sentimental value
  • Colors already in your home
  • Holiday wrapping papers, ribbons, etc.
  • Ideas from holiday displays and floats
  • Monochromatic colors

Once you pick a color scheme it is easy to implement through the use of fabrics, ribbons, floral picks and even how you wrap your presents.  Look for ways to add holiday color throughout your home - such as bows and ornaments on door knobs, windowsills, etc.

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