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  Home Décor Trends 2007

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Great for cooking – kitchen towels are even getting jazzier as more chic patterns and colors are moving into home kitchens the world-round.

Just as it’s Fashion Week for the clothing design industry, the home décor industry kicks-off their preview shows during the first quarter of the year.  With shows already held in France, United Kingdom, German and the United States, here are some trends you’ll be seeing on a couch or table near you this year:

Textiles and fabrics in 2007 will be all about bold prints, shimmer and sparkle with hints of metallics, lime, mauve, cinnamon and nougat colors.

Turquoise blue continues to be a hot favorite for vivid colors – continue to prove the trickle-down affect the clothing industry has on home décor trends.

Fabric patterns and furniture will be all mod and curvy, as lines are not just following the straight and narrow creating a softer, airy-like feel to décor.

Burnt-out velvets and patters are still in style – especially when done in the oh so chic black and white.

Look for sofas and chairs in bright berries, midnight blues and rosy tones as more romantic colors start to take center stage. 

Neutrals are still hot as cocoa this year with attention spent on variegating the shades and decorating in tones. 

Dark woods are back even stronger this year as fruitwoods, walnuts, dark oaks and many exotic varieties show up as cupboards, beds and chairs. 

Tilting, folding, turning and swiveling are all in style as homeowners are looking toward furniture that is multi-functional to save space and a few dollars.  Just think of those storage ottomans we all love.

With all of the modern, clean lines taking shape, there is a small growing trend to bring back the romance as seen in well-turned chair legs, beds and tables.

Plus, more important than ever to all of these trends, the need to be green – not the color, but to care for the environment. Recycled materials such as metal and glass, reclaimed hardwoods, sustainable woods and organic dyes are popping up across all design boards.

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