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  No Sew Decorating Ideas

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Using pinking shears can be a little more cumbersome than typical scissors.  Some find that cutting more than one piece of fabric at a time helps keep their edges neater.

It’s important to remember to keep the shears as straight as possible, take your time and go slowly when making the cut.

Due to the teeth on the shears, you’ll not be able to move them forward as you cut as you would with regular scissors – each cut will be new and be the length of the shears you are using.

Pinking shears can be used to cut a variety of papers and fabrics. If you plan on cutting quite a bit of both – you may want to invest in two separate pairs as you need extremely sharp shears for fabric cutting and paper can dull the teeth faster and they cannot be sharpened. 

It’s important to take good care of these shears for many reasons including that they are not an inexpensive investment when compared to other types of scissors and cutters. 

If they are dropped the teeth can become misaligned and any excess of humidity or moisture can affect how they open and shut.

Other useful ideas for using pinking shears – use them to trim wax paper wrappers for home made caramels and trimming ribbon for gift baskets and presents.


With pinking shears and fabric, you can be on your way to quick decorator fixes.

From sheer organza to homey plaids, we all know there are great fabrics available in the marketplace. It’s also easy to incorporate them into your décor with little or no sewing and all the while saving money.


Sheer fabrics are great for incorporating into elegant table settings, draping over mantles hung with garland and quick window scarves. During the holidays, try adding a string of lights (look for wedding lights with white cords for lighter fabrics) for a bit of sparkle. Battery operated strands are available for tables.

Use themed fabrics for simple tabletop accents - not only are there many seasonal and holiday prints available, but also many to fit other themes such as barbecues, hobbies, collectibles, etc. Fabric accents can be trimmed and used as runners, table toppers, and more. Plus, it's easy to get colors to match your other decorating items.

Napkins, bandanas from the craft store (check out the large selection of prints next time you're there) and other themed fabrics make for a custom and often inexpensive way to line a gift basket. See our Celebrations page for more ideas.

Fabric is also great for wrapping around potted plants and for decorating the back of tables for a special dinner party or event.

Many fabrics such as polar fleece and ultra suede don't ever need sewing. A quick and easy polar fleece blanket is as easy as cutting to size, trimming the edges in by 3-4 inches for a fringe, for an extra touch, knotting the edges.

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