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Everything They’re Cracked Up to Be

Avgolemono - a creamy, Greek egg and lemon soup

Basque Eggs
- a new, yet old take, on egg salad

Crepes - savory and sweet

Dutch Baby - puffy, dramatic and hot from the oven

Eggs en Cocotte - individual casseroles of savory baked eggs

Shirred Eggs - sunny-side-up and no hot skillet involved

Spanish Tortilla - an oven-baked omelet with potatoes and more

Zabaglione -light, airy custard made with yolks, sugar and wine

Little Eats and Side Bites

Butter Bean Bisque - inexpensive butter beans make a creamy, lowfat soup

Crème de Citrouille - Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Crostinis for Your Next Gathering - little savory toasts with many flavors

Dim Sum: Dumplings, Stir-Fried Bok Choy & Egg Drop Soup

Golden Oven Roasted Potatoes - creamy, crispy and baked in wine and stock

Greek Sausages - full of olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs

Greek Lima Bean Dip - made with butter beans and loaded with flavor

Italian Antipasto Tart - fresh, savory and easy - impress your guests

Lemon Caper Shrimp - appetizer or main course, ready in minutes

Make at Home: Sushi Maki Rolls

Marinated Mezze: Olives, Artichokes & Mushrooms

Marinated Yogurt Cheese - great tasting, easy to prep

Moorish Zucchini Salad - serve cold or warm, try this dish from Morocco

Phyllo Tartlets -  beautifully simple, little mouthfuls that complement any menu

Savory Bread Pudding -  a custard-infused dressing with savory vegetables

Skordalia - Greek Potato Dipkordalia - a garlic-heavy pureed Greek potato dip

Smoky Fondue for Two - just enough for two

Spinach and Artichoke Pesto - just enough for two

Vegetable Crisp - layers of vegetables and a crispy, herb-laden topping

Warm Cherry Tomato Salad - a great, hot bite

Welsh Rarebit - a quick fix when you've worked late and need a warm bite

What to Bring: Easy Appetizers - assemble in minutes and travel well


Savory Eats

Braised Beef with Mushrooms and Wine -  an easy oven recipe

Butternut Squash Mexican Stew - warm, spicy and filling

Chicken Cassoulet- a hearty country stew for fall and winter

Chicken Paupiettes - recipe using shallow poaching creating a light sauce

Chicken Tikka Skewers - a classic from Southern India great for a quick bite

Chilaquiles with Eggs - a countryman’s breakfast or midday snack

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta - a one pan dinner

Fish Baked in Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Olive Sauce - thick, piquant sauce with olives enrich flaky, perfectly-baked fish

Fish en Papillote -a simple moist-heat cooking method is easy and fast

Fisherman's New Potato Stew - a tomato-based global fisherman's stew

Fresh, Vietnamese Spring Rolls -  light, fresh salad wraps are savory, refreshing

Grilled Spring Onion Antipasto Tart
caramelized onions, grilled spring onions and savory meats melt together in this whole wheat crust

Homemade Marinara Sauce and Tuscan Meatballs - warm, healthy and filling

Irish Boxty -made with raw potatoes, Boxty can be quickly made into
 crepes or traditional potato pancakes

Italian Tuna and Artichoke Linguini - linguini is tossed with pan-roasted artichoke hearts, capers and tuna

Linguini in Walnut Sauce - herbal, nutty and rich

Mushroom Barley Rissotto -  nutty and earthy

Oven Roasted Ratatouille -  caramelized vegetables hot from the oven

Pan-Roasted Lamb Chops with Cous Cous - Moroccan-inspired, savory & sweet

Panzanella and Tuna Stuffed Peppers - a classic with a twist - they're quick, warm and filling

Pasta in a Pumpkin-Sage Sauce with Toasted Nuts
- creamy pumpkin creates a savory pasta sauce

Pastichio -  a piping hot Greek Lasagna with wafts of cinnamon, seasoned lamb and creamy topping

Porc et Haricots de Provence -ok, so it's a fancy name for a lighter, fancier version of pork and beans and it's another name for a simple, one-dish meal

Pork Loin Chops Stuffed with Dried Fruits Served over an Orange-Scented Sweet Potato Puree with a Balsamic Gastrique
- dried fruits, orange and sweet potato complement pan-seared pork that is finished with the bitter tang of balsamic vinegar

Provence Grilled Chicken -whether you grill it indoors or out, this quick-cooking
chicken is full of flavor

Quick and Easy Lasagna for 2 - Rich and creamy lasagna for 2 =perfect weeknight meal

Roasted Chicken, easy as 1-2-3 - crispy skin, juicy meat, and no effort

Roasted Leg of Lamb - juicy lamb roasted with garlic slices and a sweet, herbal glaze

Roasted Turkey Breast with Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Dried Cranberries - one-dish, festive dinner celebrates the seasons

Seafood Paella - simple, elegant and great for lunch or dinner

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Paillards - lime and cilantro bring a bite and lightness to grilled chicken, vegetables and warm black beans

Spring Green Asparagus and Leek Pasta Salad - light, refreshing and perfect for spring

Tuscan-Style Bean Stew on Creamy Polenta - quick cooking and rich, hearty
and filling after a long day

Verde Grezzi with Pasta - a light, summertime pasta dish makes a trip to the farmers' market worthwhile

Warm Potato Salad with Seasonal Vegetables and Mixed Greens
-savory, creamy, browned potatoes are tossed with tangy vinaigrette and paired with seasonal vegetables


Sweets and Treats

Baklava, Traditional Greek -scents of cinnamon, honey, nuts and lemon all
in buttery layers

Biscotti, Sugared Vanilla Bean - great for dunking in your morning or evening coffee

Bunueolos de Manzana - Spanish Apple Fritters - Spanish apple fritters flavored with lemon, honey and brandy

Caramel Apple Pie - fresh, crisp apples, gooey caramel and toasted nuts, just imagine a caramel apple in a crust!

Chocolate Toffee Chunk Cookies - they're a little extra work, but the only thing holding these cookies together are the nuts, chocolate and toffee chunks

Creative Pie and Tart Crusts -think past the rolling pin and outside of the
graham cracker box

Crepes - savory and sweet

Double Chocolate Brownie Crinkle Cookies - rich, moist bites full of chocolate flavor and they're great to make with kids!

Dutch Baby - puffy, dramatic and hot from the oven

Easiest Truffles Ever -made with fresh cream and the flavors of your choice

French Apple Pie -using the no rolling pin pie crust, this is the fastest
apple pie you'll ever bake

Fresh Fruit Sherbet  - Light, easy and refreshing, this sherbet is made with sour cream and doesn't need a whirl in the ice cream maker

French Madeleines - with a hint of lemon, these classic French tea cakes will
have you quoting Proust in no time

Fresh Fruit Galette - with an easy, flaky dough made in the food processor, you'll have a fresh pie on the table in no time

Gateau au Chocolat - we all love chocolate, but you'll especially love
this dense, easy and fast chocolate cake

Hazelnut Truffle Torte -rich, decadent with a creamy truffle center

Leche Frita - Spanish fried milk custard slices

Lemon Drop Cookies - light and just right, these little cookies are
lemony delights

Lemon Twist Pizzelles - a twist on the classic pizzelle, with tangy lemon
and creamy white chocolate

No Rolling Pin Pie Crust -never buy a frozen or pre-made crust again

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies -a healthy, flavorful cookie classic warmed
with spices and full of golden raisins

Panettone Bread Pudding - a great way to serve this Italian sweet bread

Pasa Tempos - a toasty Greek snack of seeds and nuts

Pear Almond Crisp - sweet, juicy pears blanketed with a warm almond topping that's made with creamy butter and enriched with almond paste

Peppermint Patty Brownies -thick, fudge-like, totally decadent and minty-fresh

Plum Brandy Tart in Phyllo Crust -bright, warm flavors in a crispy
phyllo tart shell

Pot de Crèmes - little chocolate pots of custard

Chewy Raisin Ginger Snaps - soft cookies full of molasses, spices, ginger and chewy raisins

Salame Di Ciccolato - Italian chocolate salami doesn't contain pork, but as a favorite of busy, Italian moms it is full of chocolate and nuts

Sugar Plums - a healthy holiday sweet of dried fruits and well, quite a bit of brandy (no wonder visions of them "dance in your head")

Super Easy Cinnamon Coffee Cake -this one's so easy, and tasty, you'll be making it every morning

Roasted, Spiced and Sugared Nuts -the easiest way to add a personalized
touch to an appetizer spread or make a quick gift

Very Versatile Thumbprint Cookies -one classic recipe, endless possibilities

White Chocolate Popcorn -it looks like plain old popcorn, until you bite into this perfectly mixed treat of sweet and salty

Zabaglione -light, airy custard made with yolks, sugar and wine

In Season

Radishes - Little peppery globes that can also be enjoyed cooked

Blood Orange – Short season for this citrus jewel

Kumquats – Funny sounding name for nature’s sweet-tart

Fennel – If a food can taste green, then fennel’s it


Tips and Bits

Favorite Things for the Kitchen

The Entertaining and Gift-Giving Pantry

Planning an Appetizer Buffet

What's happening in the world of food

Homemade Croutons and Vinaigrette

Turkey Tips


Spices and Flavors




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