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Salame Di Ciccolato (Italian Chocolate Salami)

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Note, this recipe uses pasteurized egg whites as the binder, you could also use a whole egg if you don’t mind raw egg in your dessert (or you can look for pasteurized whole eggs at the grocer.)


No, there isn’t any pork involved here – just lots of chocolate, cookies, butter and nuts. But, like a lot of salami or sausage, the variations on what you can include are endless. Just mix together, roll into a salami shape, chill, dust with powdered sugar, and voila, dessert Italian moms have been making for years.

5-6 oz. butter biscuits, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, plain biscotti, etc.

¾ cup toasted, sliced almonds

½ cup butter at room temperature

½ cup granulated sugar

½ cup cocoa

¼ cup pasteurized egg whites (see note, right)

1 tbs. vanilla, almond or hazelnut extract or a liqueur like Frangelico

Powdered sugar for dusting/rolling the salami

Optional: grated orange zest, chopped dried figs, chopped raisins and/or candied citrus peel

Break biscuits/cookies into large chunks and pulse in a food processor until coarsely chopped (or place them in a bag and whack a few times with a rolling pin) and place in a large bowl; coarsely chop the sliced almonds either in the food processor or with a knife and add to the bowl with the biscuits/cookies.

Then cream together the butter and sugar, either by hand or in the food processor. Add the cocoa to the creamed mixture and blend well. Scrape the bowl and add the egg white and extract/liqueur of your choice. Add to large bowl of the biscuits/cookies and chopped almonds – combining thoroughly to make your salami mix.

Remove the salami mix from the bowl to a large piece of wax paper and form into a log shape. Chill for two hours or until firm. Then dust/roll in powdered sugar, slice as thick as you’d like and enjoy. Keep stored in the refrigerator. This may also be stored in the freezer for a great last minute dessert.


Serves 8-10

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