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  Seasonal Garland Equals Quick Decorating Fixes

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There are many types of garland available such as the traditional tinsel type, pine and pine cone garland, rope garland, strings of popcorn or berries, beaded garland and vine-type garlands that are available for all seasons.

Beaded garland tip: if you're going to use beaded garland in one of these non-traditional uses, make sure to get the type were the bead is fused to the stringing, this allows for easier trimming - and can make a great addition to gift wrapping.

Garlands are available for almost any holiday or season and if you want a quick fix on decorating, they’ll save you time and money.

They are great to wind through centerpieces on your table and of course, draped on mantles or wrapped around banisters. Plus, you don’t have to keep them whole – break out the wire cutters or the scissors for some of these ideas.

Candle rings – wrap garland around base of a pillar candle and cut to size. If necessary, ends can be held in place with wire or a bow.

Napkin rings – another easy and inexpensive way to dress the table. Cut lengths of garland and use them to wrap your napkins. Follow directions for making a candle ring.

Encircle your chargers or plates – garland can make a pretty circle of color around your place settings or even around pie plates, cake platters, etc.

Wreaths, mantles, stairs, chairs and more - of course a quick way to dress up any room for any holiday or season is to use garlands in their traditional uses. To add a special touch, look for ways to add lights, ribbons and floral picks into your garlands on display.

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