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  Presenting Sweet Treats as Gifts

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For ideas on what
to put in a basket,
visit our Gift Giving Pantry page.

If you need to travel with a gift basket, consider assembling it onsite - simply pack the basket, filler/tissue and ribbon in your suitcase, keep the contents in your
carry-on luggage and assemble the basket when you get to your destination.  It's also easy to pick-up the contents from grocer, baker or gourmet shop when you get to town. Do an online search and call ahead to confirm hours and details.

Wrapping your own, homemade treats and goodies makes for a special gift, but it is not always realistic. Other ideas include looking bulk foods and individual wrapped items that can be put into treat bags and added to baskets, etc.

For more specifics on wrapping, visit our
Wrapping Ideas and Tips page.

You can also prepare a themed basket
based on the likes of the recipient, such as:

  • Wine and biscotti

  • Teddy bear basket with treats

  • Hot chocolate with mugs and cookies

  • Snack baskets with nuts, popcorn, etc.

  • Breakfast-themed or spa basket for your hostess





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