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  Valentine Glitter Boxes

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If you don't want to use or don't have a glue gun, you can use thick glue dots to secure the box top embellishments.

Maybe this whole idea is just another way to remember our childhood days of making homemade Valentines and those collection boxes we'd make for our school desks.

Hopefully a bit more romantic and posh, these glittery boxes are quite easy to make and not that expensive. But, like days gone by, there is something comforting and rewarding about making a Valentine for that special someone.  In this case it's a beautiful wrapping for treats and delights.

What you'll need:
Glue gun
Small flowers, ribbons, pins, buttons for decorating
Pink, white, grey and red craft paper/construction paper
Paper doilies
Craft glue that dries clear
Pink, white, red and/or silver glitter
White, pink and/or red craft glue
2 to 3 small paint brushes
Wax paper to cover your work surface
Paper mache box (-es)

Prime the boxes inside and out with one coat of white paint. Allow to dry and the paint in your desired color scheme - this will take about two coats of paint. For our boxes shown here, we painted the insides with an additional coat of white paint.

Make your decorations for the top -we made a fan and cut-out pink hearts. Then it's time to add the glitter. If your craft glue seems to thick, thin with a pinch of water and then brush on a coat of glue, working in sections, and sprinkling on the glitter and tapping to release the excess. This is why using wax paper on your work surface is a great idea as the excess glitter will release easily and you can pour it back into your glitter bottle.

Then, hot glue on your embellishments. To make the "Be My Valentine" banner, we wrote our text and then trimmed around the paper to make a banner shape. Then, using another piece of scrap paper as a blotter, we darkened the edge.

To curl the banner, we rolled the banner in different directions around the barrel of our marker to create the desired effect.  Then secured into place with dots of hot glue.

Happy Valentines Day!

Copyright 2008.