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  Winter Garden Interest

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Consider adding
these items to
your garden for additional interest during the
winter months:

Garden sheds
Ornamental borders
Outdoor lighting
Landscaped paths


As the leaves fall and weíre looking at our now empty garden while beginning to plan for next yearís beautiful blooms, itís also a good time to consider plants and landscape elements thatíll make your garden interesting even as the winter winds blow.


Many plants keep interesting colors and textures all-year round. Others also provide food and safe havens for birds and wildlife.  Consider some of these plants and elements in your wintertime planning:

Trees and bushes that produce berries, have attractive bark, interesting branch formations or even interesting branch colors

Evergreen trees and shrubs such as pine trees and junipers

Late-blooming perennials or plants with interesting seed-pods that you can leave uncut for the winter

Ornamental grasses that will not only provide beautiful views when covered with frost and snow, but also provide valuable soil protection from winter elements

Ground covers that provide texture even during the winter

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