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  Wrapping Ideas and Tips

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Check the craft
store ads in the Sunday paper for what’s on-sale this week. The best part of checking the ads, you can get ‘after-the-holiday’ prices before the holiday hits. Often they’ll holiday items
on sale before or during the season at 40-50 percent-off.

Another great buy at the craft stores: they often take 40 to 50 percent-off baskets throughout the year

Use the dollar stores and discount stores for wrapping supplies including baskets, cellophane, ribbon, florals, cards, etc. (Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Sam’s, etc.)


Here are some quick tips to make
your gifts stand out from the rest:

Basket and Wax Paper Trick
Is it half-full or half-empty? Just kidding, but to make a basket look fuller, don’t waist too much money on tissue and other expensive basket fillers, some good ole scrunched up wax paper in the bottom of the basket will work wonders as a filler. Put the nice, pricey stuff on top – and you’re set!

Wired Ribbon
Wired ribbon is the best for us individuals who are willing to just say it – "I can’t make a bow.’ There I’m out. But wired ribbon is truly a time saver and makes you look so professional. Try to allow at least one yard for each bow. This ribbon is also great for securing cellophane when wrapping a gift basket.

Using Garland
Molded garland – that is garland that doesn’t move on its string but is molded to the string – makes great trim to tuck into your bow as it is tied.

Floral Picks
Floral picks are of course an obvious choice for dressing up the bag. Look for ones on sale – and try to get them with short stems.

Unusual containers
Look for unusual containers . . . that also become a part of the gift. Clay pots and garden planters, kitchen bowls, and vintage finds are always fun.

Fun Additions
Miniature ornaments are also great additions to the bow or add your holiday card right to the package by punching a hole in the upper corner and securing with a thin ribbon.

Getting the right size cellophane for your basket or tray can be trial and error. Baskets with shorter or no handles are the easiest. It’s always better to have more cellophane and trim it then to be short and risk the wrapping coming loose or ‘smooshing’ the contents when you’re tying the bow.

Decorative Edge Scissors
Pinking shears add a nice touch to ribbons, cellophane and wax paper wrapped candies; and decorative edge scissors are great for papers.

Using Treat Bags
When using treat bags to wrap candies and cookies, look at the design – many of the new ones have a bottleneck shape where you’re supposed to tie it shut and some treats won’t fit through them.

Wrapping Items Individually within the Basket
Individually wrapping items is also nice for baskets – thumbprint cookies normally couldn’t go in a basket because of their filling – but they can be individually wrapped in a sandwich bag, tied with thin ribbon and the top of the bag trimmed back. This works well for small treats.

Gift Boxes
Holiday gift boxes are also great wrappers – line with wax paper and cellophane to prevent butter from leaking through if your wrapping treats. You can also customize inexpensive white gift boxes from the party supply store by coating with spray adhesive and covering with fabric or decorative paper, trim when dry (takes only a few seconds) then tape shut, add a bow and a tag.

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